Saturday, July 25, 2009

Going Long...thousands of fishies

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 63
Waves: none
Current: slight from the north
Crew: The Patriarch, Steve, Linda, Robin, Capt'n
Clarity: Fan-tastic!
Next swim: Sunday 10AM Klode (breakfast afterwards?)

The water clarity this afternoon at Klode was absolutely stellar. The weather too was superb with sunshine and air temps pushing 80. While a water temp of 63 may seem like a blemish on today's report it actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

We all reluctantly pulled on our wetsuits and proceeded to walk the plank from Klode's south east beach. (...well, perhaps it was just The Patriarch and I who were reluctant in wearing our wetsuits...) Shortly after starting we were greeted by a school of perhaps a few dozen of the Lake Minnows. By the end of our swim we would encounter several schools of these minnows...the highlight being what appeared to be a blanket of them that numbered on the plus side of 1000.

With the warm sun warming our backs as we swam it didn't take long for us to become comfortable in the water....really comfortable. The first leg of today's journey took us up to the rock wall and back. Upon returning to Klode we couldn't bring ourselves to call it a day yet. So we swam south down to the 'sewer pipe' before returning to Klode. Total mileage for today's swim...approximately 2 1/4 miles.

Despite a little fatigue we all plan to be back at it again Sunday morning. 10AM is the plan with perhaps a post swim social at Panera.

Hope to see you on the Beach!

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