Thursday, July 30, 2009

One for the fish

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 64ish
Waves: calm
Crew: Robin, Capt'n (Sir James, Erin & Rob all arrvied for a later evening dip.)
Water Clarity: Clear
Next Swims: Friday 6AM Klode

Judging by my educated toe test this evening I'd place the water temp on the cool side of the mid 60's. Not numbing, but enough to make your skin tingle a bit if you walk the plank minus a wetsuit....which is what I opted to do this evening. (truth be was mostly because I was too lazy to climb into my wetsuit....)

The highlight of this evening's swim...other than the storms which were passing to the north of Klode while the sun still peaked in out of the clouds over the beach...was the company we had. Accompanying us for the entire swim from Klode's southeast beach to the garage and back were little schools of fish. Each one probably contained about 25-50 little fishies but barely a minute passed when a school of them didn't pass below you. Very cool!

Capping off this evening's swim was an amazingly large school (100's? 1000's?) of these little fishies just hanging on the outer perimeter of the Klode's southeast beach. Not in the least bit timid about the fact that we were swimming above them.....were they perhaps a mirage?

...or perhaps they were just anxiously awaiting Senor Loco Sir James to take the plunge into the water? For that, unfortunately, they will need to swim on over to Michigan as James is taking his show on the road for the National Open Water 10K championship this Saturday. Good luck James!!

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