Saturday, July 4, 2009

Temps down but rebounding

Beach: Big Bay
Water Temp: (am) 51, (pm) 55ish
Waves: none
Crew: Senor Loco (James), Capt'n,
Water Clarity: Clear
Next Swim: Sunday 10AM Klode

The Patriarch's 10am water temp report: A woeful 51....and too cold to log a swim adventure. Could our goal of logging a swim every day for the month of July be in jeopardy...on only the 4th day of the month?

Fortunately the sun peaked out a bit this afternoon and the breeze blew gently from the east....just enough to raise the water temps to nearly yesterdays temps. As usual James took the plunge from Big Bay this afternoon in nothing but a speedo, swim cap and goggles. Not being as senor on the loco scale I walked the plank clad in a wetsuit...

Despite the cool water temps the conditions were, as usual, picturesque. The water clarity was crystal clear, the lake bottom at Big Bay was an unblemished bed of rippled sand and occasionally a minnow would swim up and say 'hello'.

This afternoon's adventure lasted approximately 20 minutes and went from Big Bay south towards flatrock. With the elevated lake levels this summer flatrock is not as visible as it was last summer. Judging from the familiar shoreline I would approximate that Senor Loco and I were about 50-100 meters from flatrock when we turned around.

Tomorrow's swim is planned for 10am from Klode. My pre-swim forecast puts conditions similar to Friday's. (mid-to-upper 50's) ....but then again, you never know...the Lady of the Lake has proven to be a difficult one to predict. :)


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James Biles said...

Yes, I agree it was a bit chilly, but coldness is a state of mind. Unfortunately, in this case, that state is insanity!
Thanks for the swim - James