Friday, July 17, 2009

Cool? No, cold!

Beach: Bradford
Water Temp: 56? (felt colder)
Waves: calm
Current: none
Crew: The Patriarch, Brian B., Capt'n
Water Clarity: crystal clear
Next swim: Saturday Noon?

The Patriarch's water thermometer read 56 along the Bradford shoreline this morning....but our toes, face and hands indicated a temp colder than that. (Perhaps 53-54?) We were persistent this morning and after a few breathless moments at the onset of our swim we managed to acclimate to the conditions.

We didn't venture far during our swim this morning....targeting the buoy's along the south end of the Bradford beach. In total we lasted about 25 minutes in the water before deciding to head back to shore to warm up.

The plan is to return to Klode for Saturday's swim. Time is still negotiable. Perhaps noon? Please suggest a time if you're interested.

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apendleton said...

When is the swim on Saturday and Sunday?