Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mixed bag of temps

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 62-65
Waves: none
Current: slight from the north
Crew: The Patriarch, Steve, Robin, Capt'n
Clarity: Good
Next swim: Monday 6AM Klode

Between Klode's south beach and south east beaches this morning the shoreline water temps ranged from 62-65. The experience offshore was similar...although if I had to guess the range of temps felt more like 58-63 with an occasional pocket of water that was probably in the upper 60's.

The water clarity remained good today. Our first school of little fishes did not greet us until we arrived at the rock wall but after that the sighting became a little more frequent. Is it just me, or perhaps the goggles I'm wearing...or are these little fishes getting bigger? This morning's swim went from the Klode's southeast beach to the rock wall and back. Not quite ready to call it a day The Patriarch and I continued our swim down to south-south beach before returning.

We'll be back at Monday morning at 6am. Most certainly Sunday's sunny skies will warm the surface of the lake...the question that remains is whether or not it will last until Monday morning....

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