Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ready to Rumble

Beach:  Klode
Water temp: 61
Waves: a few inches
Crew:  Cap'n, Robin, Patriarch
Water Clarity: Very clear
Next Swim:  Sunday 1PM Klode

After yesterday's numbing cold, we were expecting to need the Coast Guard icebreaker to accomplish today's swim.  There was no reason to expect warmer water.  But, as always, the lake surprises.  The water was a relatively balmy 61.

Today was Race Preparation Day.  Tomorrow Cap'n is doing the Roots & Wings 10K run, Robin is doing the Racine half-ironman tri, and I'm doing the swim leg in the tri relay.  Robin cooled her legs in the shallows while the Cap'n and I enjoyed a relaxed mile and change to "rockpile" and back.  

As usual, we felt refreshed and rejuvenated after the swim and we're ready to go tomorrow.

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mmcgann said...

Water temps at North Beach in Racine were in the balmy low 60s and comfortable with a wet suite.