Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gambles paying off

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 65
Crew: The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Mike, Capt'n
Water Clarity: Outstanding!
Waves: choppy 1-2ft
Current: from the southeast
Next Swim: Saturday 1PM Klode

Pleasant conditions greeted us Friday evening. With storms forested our gamble not to swim in the morning paid off. The skies were sunny and the air temp pushed the 80 mark...a perfect day to be on the beach.

The Patriarch's official water temp gauge read 65. After several minutes of debate we decided to gamble again and walk the plank without our wetsuits. Looking to swim longer both Gumdrop and Mike opted to climb into their wetsuits. After a few minutes of swimming our no wetsuit gamble paid off. With the warm sun beating down on us and an offshore water temp most likely a few degrees warmer than the shoreline the water conditions turn out to be quite hospitable for a no wetsuit swim.

For The Patriarch and I, our journey took us from Klode's south east beach up to the garage and then back down to the beach south of Klode's south beach (aka South South Beach) before returning to Klode's south beach. Mike's journey lasted a little longer as I think he was training to someday tow a floating bar behind him by latching a tow rope and a buoy to his wetsuit. Gumdrop on the other was all business today swimming north 1 mile to 3 piers before returning.

Our next swims are planned for 1pm Saturday and noon on Sunday. The forecast looks superb!

Hope to see you on the beach!

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