Friday, July 3, 2009

Just a tad warmer...

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 56
Waves: none - slightly rippled surface
The Crew: The Patriarch, Brian, James, Lindsey, Mathew, Robin, Brenda, Capt'n
Water Clarity: Clear
Next Swim: Saturday 10AM Big Bay & 3PM Big Bay

The official reading on The Patriarch's thermometer read 56.9 a few feet from shore but that didn't deter the season's biggest group yet from walking the plank. also didn't deter James from swimming 15 minutes WITHOUT a wetsuit!

For the rest of us though...the wetsuit and multiple swim caps were a necessity. This morning's adventure took us from Klode's south beach north up to the rock pile (wall) before turning around. The water clarity was 200 meters from shore you could still see the sandy lake bottom as if it were just a few feet underneath you.

Traditionally, Klode's beach is closed on the 4th as they stage fireworks along the shore. As a result Saturday's swim is planned for Big Bay Beach which is about 1 mile south of Klode. The Patriarch will be swimming at 10am and I will be swimmin' at 3pm. (Doing the Firecracker 4 at 8am and New Berlin National Dash at noon.)

There is also talk to doing a point to point swim from Klode Sunday at 10am....bring yer runnin' shoes and join us. :)

Hope to see you on the beach!


Upcoming Swims:

Saturday from Big Bay @ 10am
Saturday from Big Bay @ 3pm
Sunday from Klode @ 10am

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