Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Laurel & Hardy Swim at Sunset

Beach:  Klode
Water temp: 68
Waves:  light chop
Crew:  Laurel & Hardy (Cap'n & Patriarch)
Water Clarity:  Clear
Next Swim: Thursday 6AM Klode, and we'll probably do an evening swim too, check back.

We were both at the beach, but somehow we missed each other, which is damn near impossible, it could only happen in an old time comedy like Laurel and Hardy.  Apparently I was done swimming and coming up the path, while Cap'n was coming down the stairs. 

The water was warm and wonderful. I swam at least a half mile without a wetsuit, I'm not sure how far Hardy went.  His garbled phone message said something about being attacked by giant fish.  Another fine mess he's gotten us into.

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