Monday, July 6, 2009

Proof Positive of the Rock Pile Theory?

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 65 (59 by the south rock pile)
Crew: Patriarch, Gumdrop (Brian), Capt'n
Water Clarity: Outstanding!
Waves: 1ft
Current: from the north
Next Swim: Tuesday 6AM Klode

The initial temperature reading off of Klode's south beach was a bit surprising. Despite the plentiful sunshine today and air temps in the 80's the thermometer read 59.

It's been a long standing theory of mine that the huge pile of boulders separating Klode's south beach from the southeast beach preserve the cooler beach water temps by acting like giant ice cubes. In an effort to prove/disprove this theory we opted for a second opinion by dipping the thermometer in the water off of Klode's southeast beach. The result, an astonishing 65!

While this doesn't actually prove the theory of the giant rock ice cubes it does give the eternal optimist reason to believe that warmer water may actually be just a few steps well as lead to another theory about underwater springs feeding the lake. (...but I'll save that theory for another day.)

While water temps in the 59-65 range may have been a bit on the cool side, the sunny skies and Caribbean like water color made it impossible for us to resist the temptation to walk the plank this afternoon minus our wetsuits. Our skin tingled from the cool water temps at first but after a few minutes of swimming, the mesmerizing lake conditions quickly took our minds off feeling cold.

The lake surface was rippled and the water clarity was superb. Schools of minnows could be seen swimming below us on occasion. sign though, of the beautiful lake perch that swam up to say hello yesterday. Our journey took us from Klode's south beach up to the garage. The return trip seemed a bit quicker...which may have been due to a noticeable current from the north...

...but my theory contends that our expedient return to Klode was actually the result of The Patriarch and I's desire to plunder Brian's stash of delectable gumdrops that he had not so skillfully concealed from us upon our arrival on the beach. Famished from today's most excellent adventure, the gumdrops really hit the spot....and I do hear by decree that Brian shall be henceforth be known as "Gumdrop"! least, that is, until I think of a cooler nickname... :)


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