Monday, July 6, 2020

World Beneath Us

Next Swims: M-F AM and 5PM

Last Swim: Monday 6AM
Air Temp: getting hot
Water Temp: 71
Waves: like glass
Clarity: also like glass
Handyman Hank
Northshore Nancy
Pool Noodle
Magic Mike?? (all these swims are running together... pretty sure he was there)
Mystery Swimmers 1 and 2 heading out late
Diablo (early)

It was another magic morning of swimming. There was a wee bit of dissension in the ranks, and thus the majority swam north, and Dragonfly, Pool Noodle, and I swam south. 

I'm sure the northbound swimmers had their own adventures, but I'm writing the blog.  

We sliced thru the water and regrouped to admire Love Rock.  Then to sewerpipe.  (It's consistently smelly by sewerpipe, but not sewer smell, more like diesel.) It still felt too soon to turn back, so we went on to two wooden staircases, each ending abruptly in the middle of the bluff, and finally, THE Staircase staircase, the metal one.  That one is now hanging mostly horizontal on the rocks.  Crazy.

We started back.   On days like today, with incredible clarity and sunshine ripples on the bottom, it feels like I'm peering into a peaceful watery room, the edges of which are just beyond my line of vision.


Kahuna said...

If a tree falls in the lake, and no one is there to blog it, did it really happen?

Moondaug said...

Yes and no.

Kahuna said...

Fyi, outstanding conditions early yesterday morning, and early this morning. We continue to have good turn outs for the morning swims (10 or so folks this morning, including Showgirl, Panini, Judith, Patriarch, me and several new faces). Clear, flat and 69 degrees. Very pleasant.

jamie said...

wednesday night.
just lovely! bit-o-chop but very clear!! too warm to bother with the temp.
Kru: brick, lamprey, liz, kim, NSN, super hera, synchro.
beach was inviting and clear of debris.....DPW really going to town, rather curious where all the detritus is ending up!?! kudos to them....i kinda liked the mounds of driftwood, made things a bit rustic and natural....which has no place on a public beach. oh well. not sure why there aren't more swimmers as of late...but i'm not complaining.....just enjoying the halcyon days of summer.

Wytosk said...

Halcyon and on and on

jamie said...

Wanted: swimmers who laugh at the elements, giggle at weather warnings, guffah at beach closings, unaffeced by common sense, yearning to feel free and unencumbered by lane lines, tested by convention, lack of concern for judgement,Ability to freaking swim Straight to Michigan or Chicago if you want or doing laps around the rock piles, wearing crazy kit if inclined or standard acceptable gear,
Swimming for 5 minutes or 10 hours, swimming at a relaxed pace or balls to the walls, looking for fish or appeasing the digital bastard worn upon ones wrist!!

Apply within.