Thursday, July 23, 2020

Stay on Top of the Water

Next Swims:
     Mon-Fri 6AM and 5PM
     Saturday/Sunday 8AM and Noon
     Saturday bonus swim: 6AM

Last Swim:  Thursday 6AM
Water Temp: 60/61
Air Temp:  65
Clarity:   pretty clear
Waves:  swells out of the north (tho Dragonfly thought there was current out of the south)

Kru: Mr. Anonymous, Tattoo Lady, Ala, Karolina, Showgirl,  Magic Mike, Dragonfly, MoonDawg, Cindy, MaryJo, Cathy with a C, Linda, Handyman Hank, and...Diablo on the early shift
Shore Support:  Panini, Northshore Nancy, Patriarch, and guys with boats!

Diablo was leaving as I was arriving and he gave me this valuable advice:  "stay on top of the water."

This unprecedented year and these unprecedented times have brought out an unprecedented number of morning swimmers, and today was no exception.

The water inside the rock piles and along the shore was pretty darn cold, but if you went further out, it was probably mid 60's... at least in the top few inches.  This week's temperature rollercoaster caused many to leave their wetsuits at home, so there were a few reluctant skin swimmers today.

As usual, people swam varying distances.

When we got back to the beach, there were men, pickup trucks, an ATV, and boats.  Dragonfly ascertained that they had something to do with checking out the water intake pipe.

There is always something exciting happening on the beach.

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