Sunday, July 5, 2020

Temporary Landmarks

Next Swims
  • M-F 6AM, 5PM
Last Swim: Sunday 9AM, and probably Sunday noon, tho all the cool kids were at the 9AM swim
Water Temp: 76?
Clarity: excellent
Air:  80?
Kru: Mr. A, Dragonfly, Sir James,, Showgirl, Tattoo Lady,Northshore Nancy, HandymanHank, Cake Lady and El Jefe, Mary Jo, Linda the Lamprey, Cap'n, Stickler, Brick, Big Show, Sheila, IceMoon, maybe others?

The water is warm and amazing.  These are truly the best swims of the season.

There was a giant group of swimmers on the beach for a semi-early swim today.  Luckily we've got lots of backup swimmers to populate the noon swim.

We swam north, and most made it to New Mudslide and Destroyed Staircase.  I swam thru the submerged forest and  stood on a squishy ball of roots.

But let's talk about the more temporary landmarks.  I swam over a single white leather adidas shoe around the birches.  Tattoo Lady was curious about the yellow thing on the beach south of New Mudslide.  I got out of the water (it's possible!) to check it out. It was a mylar happy face balloon, that had been weighed down with a couple of rocks.

The beach and parking lot were filling up as we left.  And in case anyone is wondering, there is no Pitsch at a 9am swim.

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