Sunday, July 5, 2020

Moonlight Swum

The moonlight swim was fabulous. A full red moon over the sparkling waters with a nice warm temp of 74 per duck-o-meter, 73 per Captains macho-meter, with pockets of refreshing cooler temps. Air temp was about 80. 

Full moon rose from the east to brilliant specter, setting the water a light, which was magical in its own right. Then, dazzling fireworks in the sky from the north and the south presented over the bay. All were amazed by the brilliant lights in the night, on this day of independence, as we swam in the freedom of great precedence, of a king rejected and liberty protected.

Crew; Patriarch, Captain, Mr. Anoymonous, Wetaco and squezze, Handy Man Hank and North Shore Nancy, Don Diego, Sir James, Big Show, Janneke, Scottish guy (sorry, forgot your name), Syncro and squeeze, Moondaug, Dragonfly Riffraff  and squeeze, Rosa, Amanda A.  If I forgot someone (which I'm sure I did) please blog below.
Next swims; see blog below, rumour has it a bike ride to Port preceded by a 9AM swim.

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Amanda A. said...

Today's noon swim was beautiful!!! Thank you for a great first swim with the kru.