Monday, July 20, 2020

It's a World Gone Mad

Next Swims:
     Mon-Fri 6AM and 5PM
     Saturday/Sunday 8AM and Noon

Last Swim:  Monday 6AM
Water Temp:  50? 51?
Air Temp:  Warm
Clarity:   crystal
Waves:  like glass

Kru: Mr. Anonymous, Tattoo Lady, Ala, Karolina, Showgirl, Kahuna the Magnificent, Thanos the Magnicent, Chris, Pool Noodle, Magic Mike, Sheila, Mystery Swimmers 1 and 2, Mr. Bubble, and...Diablo on the early shift
Shore Support:  Panini, Northshore Nancy, Handyman Hank, Patriarch

It was hard to reconcile Monday morning at 6AM with the number of swimmers that were already on the beach.

There was also a glum atmosphere, and (after my arrival) a lot of profanity.

Someone had taken the temperature, and though the Atwater buoy said 70 last night, OUR water was in the low 50's.

Still, an impressive number of people reluctantly pulled on their wetsuits, sleeves, booties, gloves, hoods, and whatever else they could pull on (PN's extra swimsuit and TL's rashguard shirt) and got in the water.

I channeled my inner Diablo and said, "Sewer Pipe!"  Once there I decided to go to the garage.  Most people went even further. I think Mr. Bubble went skin for an official distance swim, Mr. A wore just his lava pants, and Pool Noodle did a leisurely lap around the rock pile... skin.  They are badasses.

So we all know heat rises. The warm water is out there somewhere.  That said, if you're swimming anytime soon, you might want to dust off your wetsuit.


Mark said...

Hi there- do you meet at Atwater or Klode park?

Showgirl said...

Hi Mark, Our usual swims are at Klode. Typically we meet up at the top of the ramp at the designated swimming time. So when we say it's a 6am swim, we're not jumping in at 6, we're strolling down to the beach.

Mark said...

Great - thank you!

Kahuna said...

Mark -- Hope to see at the beach -- come swim with us!