Monday, July 27, 2020

Won't get fooled again

Next Swims:  
     Mon-Fri @ 6 am and 5 pm, 
     Saturday/Sunday @ 8 am and Noon  
Last Swim: Monday @ 6 am
Water Temp:  53
Air Temp:  75
Clarity:   Perfect
Waves: flat to start, tiny ripples later
Kru:  Diablo and Rachel on early shift, Mr. Bubble, Showgirl Pool Noodle, Panini, 
Special Guest Star:  Chris from Des Moines, originally from Hustiford (has hair)

The Atwater buoy was messing with us again - said it was mid 60s.  Learned my lesson yesterday and last weekend - follow the Boy Scout Motto - Be Prepared!

So Pool Noodle, Rachel and Mr. B had full wet suits, others did not and wished they did.  I'm not sure if Showgirl actually made it in.  Panini dived in and went to out to the rocks and back, after saying over and over that she wouldn't.  

I dove in with full neoprene - full suit, gloves, socks and cowl over the head, and had a lovely northbound swim out to the staircase past stonewall.  Came back to find Panini and Pool Noodle still at the beach, probably an hour after I had swam out.  "Thanks for waiting for me!", their response - "Oh no, we weren't waiting,we've been deep in conversation about the Indian Matchmaker TV show".  Panini started vacillating - "should I or shouldn't I?" then dived in.  Pool Noodle headed out as Panini and I were heading up the hill.  

Of course, this whole experience brings to mind a popular song by The Who
Won't Get Fooled Again

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