Wednesday, July 1, 2020

8AM Saturday Shipwreck Swim

Next Swims:  Mon-Fri 6am, 5pm
                    BONUS: Saturday 07/04 - 8AM Shipwreck Swim                         Sat,Sun noon
Last Swim:  Wed 6am
Water Temp:  66!
Air Temp:  warm
Clarity:   declining
Waves: a little choppy
Kru:  Pool Noodle, Patriarch, Showgirl, Sheila, Dragonfly, Kahuna, Thanos the Mad Titan (please note that I'm never going to type that entire nickname again Kahuna), Nanook, Magic Mike, Laguna, Ala, Diablo (early)

This Saturday we're going to do an 8AM Shipwreck Swim.  Be advised that the shipwreck is NOT at Klode.  It is, in fact, off Atwater Beach in Shorewood.  Meet us at the overlook, or meet us on the beach.  What is a shipwreck swim, you ask?  Basically we swim straight out, not all that far, keep an eye out for a bunch of parallel pieces of wood, make a side trip in search of the propeller (I don't think we've ever seen it) and swim back. to shore.  If you've never done this before, I advise you to lower your expectations.  This is not the Titanic.

The Sat/Sun noon swims at Klode will also occur... if you show up to make them happen.

This morning the water was nice and warm, with a pretty strong current out of the south.  And yet also a pretty strong current out of the north for the return trip.  <sigh>

There was lots of debris in the water, some new logs have washed up on the shore, and the clarity has declined.

I believe this was Nanook's first Klode swim of the season (welcome!), and she showed up with the coolest barbie on the beach: 
Could be a new nickname for Nanook?


Moondaug said...

The typically desired conditions of a good shipwreck swim is to usually wait till high noon when the sun is overhead and clear, for proper viewing.

Wytosk said...

Nanook returns!! :)

Wytosk said...


Mr. Bubble said...

Do they put a buoy out showing the approximate location of the shipwreck after July 1st? That's what I heard from Anita, who's a regular Atwater swimmer and swim with us on Tuesday

Kahuna said...

So there is some debate about best time to see the Appomattox. (It's like the ghost ship the Flying Dutchman, it only becomes fully visible rarely.) Here is my view. If it is not cloudy, the sun will be plenty high enough in the sky by 8:00, such that the light will get down to the lake bottom. Additionally, winds tend to be lighter in the morning, than at noon, and wind speed is a contributing factor to how stirred up the water/sediment is. Good news is the winds are forecast to be pretty light between now and Saturday morning.