Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Next Swims:
     Mon-Fri 6AM and 5PM
     Saturday/Sunday 8AM and Noon

Last Swim:  Wednesday 6AM
Water Temp: 58
Air Temp:  perfectly warm
Clarity:   clear near shore, cloudy further out
Waves:  nearly flat

Kru: Tattoo Lady, Showgirl, Dragonfly, Amy, Angela, Cindy, Forger, Teri, Mr. Bubble, Guy who Mostly Ignored Us (but swam skin so he's a badass), and Diablo on the early shift

Shore Support:  Jackie on her SUP

Well once again, Diablo advised us to stay on top of the water.  This time, it was not terribly helpful advice.  The water was mostly cold, with pockets of slightly warmer water and pockets of colder water that would take your breath away, the way cold air does in winter.

Anyway, nearly everyone wrestled on their wetsuits and swam north.

As I swam, I grumbled about the cold water and feeling constricted by my wetsuit.  Then I reminded myself to savor the beauty of the amazing flat water, the sunrise, the shoreline, and our incredible good fortune to live near Lake Michigan.

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Cindy B said...

It was so calm and clear and such a beautiful sunrise, but those cold pockets were arctic. Another great morning for a swim. I’m so happy I found this group of crazy swimmers. Thanks for being so friendly and letting me tag along.