Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Getting the short end of the stick

Next Swims:  
     Mon-Fri @ 6 am and 5 pm, 
     Saturday/Sunday @ 8 am and Noon  
Last Swim: Tuesday @ 6 am
Water Temp:  67
Air Temp:  about 70 and sunny
Clarity:   lotsa jetsam near shore, 8-9/10 further out
Waves: 2 - 3 feet
Kru:  Mr. Anonymous, Pool Noodle, Dragonfly, Magic Mike, Mr. Bubble, MaryJo, Terri, Lydia TTL, Laguna

Started out the day by being knowledgeably powerful instead of blissfully ignorant; i.e. - checked the buoy temperature before heading to the beach.  Of course, that buoy has been setting us up for big surprises the past couple of days.  It was a pleasant surprise today - actual temp at Klode was only 3 degrees colder than Atwater, instead of 10 - 13 degrees colder like the last couple of days.  However, it was atypically rough for an early morning swim - kind of like swimming in a washing machine, but on the gentle cycle.  

Nice turnout this morning, including three blog admins; Magic Mike, Dragonfly and Mr. B.  Who's going to write it up?  At first, Mr. Magic and I were discussing and he said he would write it up, then the three of us were walking up the hill and Dragonfly asked who would write it, and I said I would, then I remembered that Mike had said he would (hypoxia does that to you, along with senior citizenship), Dragonfly said that she could.  We decided to draw straws (sticks really).  Mike stops to pick up some sticks on the way up and starts breaking them up into short, medium and long sticks.  Pool Noodle and Mary Jo are walking behind us and they're wondering what Mike is playing with. 

So, I guess I haven't had much experience drawing straws.  At first, I thought Mr. Magic should not be holding the sticks, we need a neutral party.  Mike offers to make the last pick - fair enough.  I draw first and drew the short straw and Mike draws the longest.  "Awesome, Mike does the blog today".  Uh, no, the person who drew the short straw is doing the blog this morning.  "Oh yeah, that's how it's supposed to work".  In other words, I got the short end of the stick.  

So, we don't have any photos of the three sticks, but Mary Jo did get a great video of Terri and I making our way into the waves

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Unknown said...

Can anyone give a 5pm update quick? Safe to go out solo? ~Super Hera