Friday, July 10, 2020

Simply Irresistible!

Next Swims:  
     Mon-Fri @ 6 am and 5 pm, 
     Saturday @ 8 am      
     Saturday/Sunday @ Noon
Last Swim:  Friday @ 5 pm
Water Temp:  67 per itch-o-meter, 69.5 per mitch-o-meter
Air Temp:  86
Clarity:   bit sandy, but settling down. 5/10
Waves: steady 4" - 6"
Kru:  Mr. Bubble, Itch, Laguna, Mrs. Laguna, Kahuna, Stickler, Brick, Capt'n, Ziggy, Synchro, Alla, Kim (returning alumni), Sir James, The Big Show, Super Hera, Chris
Guest Stars:  Alla's two daughters (one's a virtual daughter), Peter

Another lovely swim day!  Warm water, blue skies with puffy clouds, relatively calm water.  They just keep's 
Simply Irresistible!!

She's a natural law, and she leaves me in awe
She deserves the applause, I surrender because
She used to look good to me, but now I find her
Simply irresistible, Simply irresistible

Bit crowded on the beach right at 5:00, but most of the people had cleared out by the the time everyone had returned from their swims.  The Kru arrived and completed in staggered shifts; Kahuna and Super Hera arrived later, but swam shorter distances than usual.  Itch was FILO, Mr and Mrs Laguna took turns swimming and staying with the kids.  

Today's Killepitsch Toast:  GOOD TIMES!
Making cheerful toasts to lovely conditions never gets old.

ps - I'll be coming down with Jenny and another friend of ours, Jennifer, (first timer) at 8 on Saturday.  Jennifer's been following the blog and getting more and more interested in trying it out.  She's coming out to Klode from Oconomowoc. 

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jamie said...

Not stickler.....Liz!!
if Liz wasn't so speedy she would have been FILO.