Friday, June 9, 2017

Weekend Plans

Next Swims:

Saturday June 10th 10:30 AM at Atwater Beach.  We will swim to the shipwreck if conditions permit.  Following the swim stick around for the Shorewood Men's Club Barbeque, Kahuna will sell you a ticket at a special reduced rate.

Sunday June 11th:  Noon at Klode

Update:  I apologize for causing some confusion.  I had posted a start time of 10AM on Saturday, but in an earlier post Kahuna said 11AM.  I need to go earlier because there is a plane to catch this afternoon.  At the risk of even more confusion lets say 10:30 and then the barbeque which starts at 11:30.


Steve said...

Just checking on the time of the Shipwreck Swim. Kahuna suggested 11 am, Patriarch said 10. I know Kahuna plays second fiddle, but what time (I don't think the food is available until 11:30).

Wytosk said...

What happened to noon? My god you people are early risers.

Kahuna said...

Patriarch is God. All bow down before him and his divine proclamations. (See ya at 10.)

Mitch said...

I'm planning to drop in...see you there