Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cooler near the Lake. And in it.

Next Swims 6am, 6pm M-F

Last Swim: Thursday 6am
Water: low 50's, swells out of the south
Clarity: murky near shore, great further out, golf balls still there
Crew: Diablo(?), Mr. Anonymous, Showgirl
Skin/suit: 2/1

I was happy to see Mr. Anonymous in the still-barricaded parking lot this morning.  We reminisced about the heyday of the Klode Kru morning swimming.  Oh, the good old days.

The skys were a bit threatening, but Vince Condella er, the bootcamp leader showed us the radar and said it would pass north of us.

And then we swam.  There were small swells out of the south.  We swam north.  I turned around at the birches, Mr. A continued on.  The return trip was a bit more work, but as always, totally worth it.


jamie said...

nominations for landmark names. north "britches"....(thank you auto correct) and south "hoosegow" for that weird looking wall with the bars by sewer pipe, which is kinda off putting as a destination. just suggestions.

Moondawg said...
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