Thursday, June 15, 2017

AWOL: Treasure Chest and Doorway to Hell

Next Swims: 6am, 6pm M-F

Last Swim: 6am Thursday
Water: 55ish, small waves out of the south
Clarity: excellent
Crew: Diablo, Showgirl
Skin/Suit: 2/0

6pm Wednesday, I assume people swam also.

Again, Diablo and I exchanged waves as he left and I arrived at Klode.

There were tiny waves coming out of the south, so I decided to mix things up and head that way.  I also had a hankering to see the southside sewerpipe for the first time this summer, so that's where I went.

The sky was a bit cloudy when I started, but not long into the swim, the sun broke thru, and the shore was lit up.  I had forgotten about all the interesting rocks and stuff on the bottom. I also kept an eye out for the treasure chest and the doorway to Hell, but didn't see either.

Remeber this guy? He's almost totally submerged today.


Patriarch said...

you would be wrong that we swam Wednesday evening. Itch and I tried. But with thunder and lightening all around we stayed ashore. We did however measure the water temp (55), and we had a shot of Pitch, toasting ourselves for our fortitude in just showing up. We will return 6PM tonight (Thursday), and hopefully actually swim this time.

Kahuna said...

I will be there Friday morning to swim, come hell or high water.