Thursday, June 29, 2017

It's Cold, But Itch Don't Care

Next Swims:  Friday 6:00AM & 5:30PM

For holiday weekend (Sat - Tue) swim times, I propose noon each day.  Please comment.
Note: The Tuesday July 4th swim will be at Big Bay due to the closure of Klode Beach for fireworks.

Last Swim: Thursday 6/29 6PM
Water: 49! Clear with ripples
Crew:  Itch (skin!), Patriarch (shore support)

49 degrees is much too cold for these old bones, but not for Itch.  After some waffling and hemming and hawing he completed a skin swim to picnic table.  When he got out his skin was bright red from head to toe, but otherwise he seemed unaffected, no shivering or anything.  Amazing!  Well done my friend.

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