Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Into the Fog

Next Swims: Tues-Fri 6am and 6pm

Last Swim: Tues 6am
Water: 53-54F?, (toe-mometer) flat as glass, not getting any warmer
Clarity: amazing
Crew: Diablo, Showgirl
Skin/Suit:  2/0

As I rounded the corner from Lake Drive, Diablo was just rolling away. It was good to see another member of the group, since only the bootcamp chicks were in the parking lot.

It was foggy and mysterious on the beach. In the old days, I was scared to swim in the fog.  Now I just hug the shore, and enjoy it.

The water was beautifully clear, and I swam to garage.  Moments after I arrived back at the shore, there was the sound of thunder, so I just dodged the bullet on a knucklehead swim, and the skies opened on my way home.

Oddest thing on the beach this morning (other than me): a blue plastic kiddie pool.

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