Thursday, June 8, 2017

Totally Skin-able

Next Swims: Thurs 6pm and Friday 6AM and 6pm

Last Swim: 6am Thursday
Water: 58F (toe-mometer), totally flat
Clarity: improving
Crew: Showgirl, maybe Diablo
Skin/Suit:  1/0

Upcoming events: This Saturday 06/10, Klode Kru Shipwreck Swim at Atwater Beach followed by Shorewood Men's Club BBQ. Stay tuned for details.

Well, it seems a bit silly to blog a single-swimmer swim, but I swam, and it was warm enough to swim skin.  The water was flat and beautiful, the sun was warm, and the beach was deserted.  It's hard to improve on that.


Dragonfly Riffraff said...

I'm on for this eve -

Dragonfly Riffraff said...
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Dragonfly Riffraff said...

There was a mystery swimmer, who was maybe Diablo?....or maybe a GHOST swimmer?
Also could have been one of your own past or future selves (key weird music)..

Iceman said...

Should be great for a full moon shine swim tonight. Clear skies with visible moonbeam and warm waters, moonset around 8:10.

Unknown said...

June 8 lake Mi, north of Muskegon, south of Pentwater, total algae, Turkey, nasty.....very disappointed

Swimmer of the lakes said...

How far north do I need to go to get clear water? Anyone know how Ludington
Is right now?

Kahuna said...

We should specify a time for the shipwreck swim on Saturday. How about meet at Atwater Park at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday? Note, I still have some discount-price tickets for sale for the chicken or rib dinners, so talk to me first before you buy from someone else.

Iceman said...

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Iceman said...

To Unknown and Swimmer; Hopefully the Great Lakes restorative Initiative (which provides funding for cleaning up toxic waste sites, improving storm water management, combatting invasive species like Asian carp, and protecting habitat for fish and wildlife in the basin) proposed cuts under the Presidents budget will not go through, and affect our clean lake water up here.

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Last swim: 6 p.m. Thursday
Water: 61 degrees (toe-mometer), chop
Clarity: I could see my hand in front of my face
Crew: Drangonfly, Wet Taco in shore support
Suit/skin: 1/0
Another solitary swim – heading south into the chop and breeze was not bad and I made it a little past picnic table. But coming back with that slight over-heatedness when you know you could be skin, plus that with-the-waves rocking motion, plus that slight odor of….something….was a little queasy-making. Nothing that potato chips and chicken noodle soup couldn’t fix.