Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's Getting Warmer

Next Swims:  Friday 6/16, 6AM & 6PM
I propose noon both Saturday and Sunday.  Please comment your opinions.

Last Swim: Thursday 6/15 6PM
Water: 57 at the beach but warmer away from the rockpiles.  Calm and crystal clear - zillions of small fish swirling about.
Crew:  Molly, Handyman Hank, Itch (skin), Patriarch
Shore support provided by Laura who has been following our blog and seems equal parts fascinated and horrified.  Hope you join us in the water soon Laura.

A gorgeous sunny afternoon at the beach - perfect for a swim.  Molly left us all in the dust, I'm not sure how far she went, Port maybe. The rest of us swam a bit past birches.  The water was very clear and calm, it was one of those days when the water dripping from your fingertips is shadowed on the sandy bottom. A most pleasant swim which will be made even better by the warmer water yet to come.


Danielle Johannes said...

Saturday!!! Yes!

rsm said...

Molly is speedy. I've watched her in competitive masters meets. I have been on her relay teams at the competitive meets--I am there just for the age grouping, not the speed.