Friday, June 30, 2017

Warm Up, Damn it!

Holiday Weekend Swims:  Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, noon each day.
Note: Due to the closure of Klode Beach for fireworks prep Tuesday's swim will be Big Bay park.  Showgirl keeps calling this an "illegal" swim, I'm not sure why.  Perhaps ther is some obscure regulation I am not aware of?  But I say it's a public park and it's everybody's lake and we'll swim wherever we damn well please.  Arrggghhhh.

Last Swim:  Friday June 30th 5:30PM
Water:  50 clear with small waves
Crew: Itch (skin)
Shore Support: Phoenix, Patriarch

It just HAS to get warmer, right?

Kudos to Showgirl for swimming in 43 degree water.  That is definitely a top ten (or maybe bottom ten) swim.

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