Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Definitely Warmer

Weekday swims: 6am and 6pm

Last Swims:
Wednesday 6am
Water: 54-55F? Tiny waves out of the north
Clarity: Spectacular!
Crew: Diablo, Showgirl
Shore Support: Panini
Skin/Suit: 2/0

Also Tuesday night, Itch and Panini swam.

I once again had a drive-by with Diablo as he left Klode.

Great news! The water is definitely getting warmer.

This morning it was crystal clear, and the sun was making beautiful ripply designs on the bottom.  I swam north to the birches.

Oddest thing at the beach this morning: a fully inflated chaise lounge raft.  Why do people bring these things and then leave them??

1 comment:

Wytosk said...

I'll appropriate that chaise lounge for future in water shore support!