Friday, June 30, 2017

Toe-mometer, Show-mometer

Next Swims 5:30pm Friday

Saturday - Tuesday: noon (Please use the comments section to propose an alternate time, using coherent, complete sentences and a compelling argument.)

Tuesday the 4th we will flout convention (and the law) and swim at Big Bay.

Last Swim: Friday 6am
water:43.8F ????  WTC? and flat
clarity: very good
crew: Mike, Showgirl, Milkman, John, Diablo?
Suit/Skin: 4/1

Lots of important news to share:  I have joined the hordes of thermometer-carrying nerds on the beach, and behold the inaugural reading below. I'm skeptical, but it sure was cold. I look forward to comparison testing it with all the other thermometer nerds.

Mike and I swam to the birches, Milkman may have gone further.  Welcome John, who might have been a bit shocked and definitely horrified by this morning's temperature. I promise, it will warm up. Because really, could it get any colder?

Oh yeah.  The mystery of the barricaded parking lot has been solved.  Due to  some sort of Klode crime wave, that does not involve yoga moms or any of the Kru, but may include fights and gunfire (??) the WFB popo now close the lot at 9pm and open it at 6am.  Or 6am-ish.  We law-abiding citizens have been deputized to remove the barricades at 6:01am.

The tips of my fingers still feel a bit strange.

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