Friday, June 23, 2017

Save The Turtles

Weekend Swims:  Saturday 6-24 and Sunday 6-25, 1;00 PM both days

Last Swim:  Friday 6-23 5:30 PM
Water:  60 with pockets of warmer and colder, clear with small waves
Crew: Nanook (skin), Diablo (skin), Wet Taco (suit), Drangonfly (skin), Liz (suit), Itch(skin), Anna (suit) , Patriarch (skin)
Special Guest: Turtle (an actual turtle)

 All the gloom and despair of recent days washed away with our first 60 degree water of the season.  Pockets of warmer and colder, some much colder, kept things interesting.  But a great swim nonetheless.    

When we returned there was a turtle on the beach that some kids had been playing with.  Diablo and Itch spent a considerable amount of time and effort trying to lure the turtle into their water.  Their concern was touching. Whodathunk those lugs would give a damn about a turtle - they should treat us as nice.  But my thought is to just leave the turtle alone, he's in his natural habitat (I've seen turtles there on several occasions before). He'll figure out what to do on his own.

If someone has a photo of Turtle please send it to me otherwise my verbal description will have to do:  a six foot across three hundred pound monster with two inch claws and a vicious beak that could easily snap off an appendage or two.   I mean this guy could swim underneath you without you knowing it and just bite off something.  


Kahuna said...

Save the Turtles, sure, but more importantly, Save the Great Lakes. See the JSOnline article today indicating that on Thursday they've netted a two foot Asian Carp beyond the electric barrier that is supposed to keep those nasty buggers out of the Great Lakes. Write your representative (for many of us Gwen Moore), your senators (Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin) and the President, and demand they oppose Chicago Politics and Illinois Barge Company Lobbying, and proceed to release the "Brandon Road Study" for public review and comment. More broadly, ask your elected officials to oppose cuts to the EPA budget that would eliminate funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Kahuna said...

Here is a link to an article regarding proposed cuts to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative:

Kahuna said...

The book I mentioned today, is Grady McWhiney and Perry Jamieson's "Attack and Die, Civil War Military Tactics and the Southern Culture." It argues that the South lost the war due to its "Celtic" culture and approach to warfare.

jamie said...
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Moondaug said...

However, McWhiney's theories do not address large-scale Irish immigration to New York, Boston, and other northern cities. They also ignore the degree to which the Southern planter class resembled the English gentry in lineage, religion, and social structure. Furthermore his work avoids mentioning or acknowledging the fact that the largest group of pre-Revolution immigrants to the Southern colonies were English indentured servants who vastly outnumbered the "Celtic" settlers both in numbers and in cultural influence.,[1][2][3]"-Grady McWhinery", Wickapedia,

Moondaug said...

P.S. I suspect that for your kilt to be more authentic it should probably have more color, as gray was the Quaker immigrant color of choice, which of course was very different from the Celtic influence.