Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Episode of "Cops" filmed at Klode

Next Swims Wed-Fri 6am, 6pm

Last Swim Wed 6am
Water: 53F with annoying chop out of the south, and building
Clarity: good
Crew: Showgirl
skin/suit 0/1

I pulled up to the parking lot and the popo (as Diablo calls them) were blocking the entrance.  Two cars.  The officers headed off on the woodchip path, investigating the crime spree perpetrated by the gang of yoga moms who had managed to breach the orange fence and were down-dogging and namaste-ing in unauthorized park territory.  Or maybe it was something else.

I swam south into the annoying chop, and visited the sewer pipe.  The return trip was much faster, and it seemed that the waves were increasing.

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