Sunday, June 25, 2017

Calm, warm, and beautiful

Next Swims: M-F 6am and 6pm

Last Swim: Sunday 1pm
Water: 57, nearly flat with pockets of warmer and colder
Clarity: very good
Crew: Nanook, Diablo, Itch, Cap'n, Ara, Handyman Hank, Mr. Anonymous, Showgirl, Mitch, Mike, Eric
Skin/Suit: 4/7
Shore support: Squeeze o'Showgirl

With all the wind in the last day or so I expected to arrive at the beach to see some big waves.  Happily, there were only small ruffles on the surface.  And the water was much warmer.  Most of us swam to mudslide.

In other news, yesterday was my swim-a-versary -- the anniversary of my first swim with the Klode Kru in 2010.  Swimming will change your life.


Dragonfly Riffraff said...

It sure changed mine!

jamie said...

Monday swim, 56°, bit-o-chop(enough to be annoying)
Crystal clear, no sign of Bert(God bless Bert!)
Swimmers:Meatloaf, Itch, Erin(shore yak)
Swam north into the chop, Crystal clear, lots-o-Sun. Meatloaf- horizon;itch-bit past britches.
Back on the beach freaking cold.
Two shots of the Pitsch and hopes of warmer days(not me, I'm diggin the 50's) Plus all the little fishies are still vibrant.

Carla said...

6AM every day M-F this week? I may be in town Thurs and am working on intermittent OWS panic and trying to get in open water as often as I can.