Monday, June 8, 2020

Starting off the week right

Next Swim: Monday 4pm, Tuesday 6am
Last Swim: Monday 6am

Air Temp: 55-58 degrees
Water Temp: 59 degrees
Clarity: Not so much... getting murkier, after such a clear weekend!
Waves: flat

Kru: Diablo early, North Shore Nancy, Handyman Hank, Poole Noodle, Magic Mike, Brick.

Six swimmers took the opportunity that a sunny Monday morning offers to start the week off right. Diablo, as per usual, blazed the trail, so to speak. He was at his bike as Pool Noodle and I were preparing to head down, reporting that the water might have been warmer than the air. First rate! Down we went. 

NSN and HH were there preparing for their daily baptism. As they missed Diablo on their way down, we reported the water/air relationship as Diablo gave it to us. NSN, then approaching the water's edge, was inclined to disagree. The water always seems so much colder than the air. As soon as Brick made it down with his thermometer, he recorded a water temp of 59 degrees. My car thermometer read 55 on the way up to Klode. So regardless of how it felt (it didn't feel warmer in the water to me either), the water was warmer than the air this morning! 

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Mr. Bubble said...

OMG! A thermal inversion! Must be those solar flares I've been reading about lately.