Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Essence of Summer

Next Swims:  
       Mon-Fri 6 am and 5 pm, 
       Sat, Sun:   Noon

Last Swim:  Wednesday 6am
Water Temp:  57
Air Temp:  what am I, the weather man?
Clarity:   None
Waves: None
Kru:  Diablo early, followed by Magic Mike and Showgirl
Shore Support: a gaggle of teenagers and chatty Runner-guy

I crossed paths with Diablo as he left the park, went on to defy authority by moving the barricades.

At first I thought I would be doing a solo swim, but Magic Mike arrived.

As we suited up, a runner came down to the shoreline and with each step, he pushed some sand into the water, leaving a series of evenly spaced marks along the beach.  When he reached us he astutely commented  that we would be swimming, and then resumed his run.  

We swam north.  I turned around at the rock wall, which is really mostly concrete, and Mike went further and faster.  I did another post-swim skin swim. 

It was another amazing morning at the beach.

p.s. The parking lot remains full of glass.


Synchro said...

Super Hera, great to see you last eve! Thanks for coming over to say Hi. I am up for a 10am swim this Friday. Let me know.

Mr. Bubble said...

Someone must be cleaning up that glass. Wasn't there tonight and don't think it was there last night.