Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Farewell June

Next Swims:  Mon-Fri 6am, 5pm
                         Sat,Sun noon
Last Swim:  Tues 6am
Water Temp:  60
Air Temp:  warm
Clarity:   crystal
Waves: slow swells
Kru:  TatooLady, Pool Noodle, Patriarch, Showgirl, Sheila, Eric, Linda the Lamprey and Diablo (early)

Not too much to say today except that the water temp was a wee bit lower, though still skin-able.

In spite of last night's storms, the clarity remains.

We swam north.

The pile-up of wood on the beach is gradually being removed, making the beach seem more spacious, yet also not quite as interesting.

In hopes of keeping our beaches open, I continue to remind you to keep your physical distance and put on a mask.  

You're jealous, I know
Throwing this in here to show where all my stuff dries out-- on the garage clothesline! How cool is that?  To be 100% clear, my swimsuit stays on until I'm in the house.


Kahuna said...

Social distancing a good thing, but 3 miles? (The distance between Atwater and Klode Beach.)

Bikes matter said...

Certainly not jealous of the bike to car ratio anyway.