Monday, September 26, 2011

What could it be?

Next Swims: Tuesday 6AM & 6PM

Last Swim: Monday 9/26 6PM

Water Temp: 61
Air Temp: 59 & mostly sunny
Waves: moderate chop
Water Clarity: stirred up
Crew: Diablo, Kahuna, Capt'n

From time to time the storms and big waves will leave behind treasures for us to find. Usually these treasures consist of rocks, sticks and seaweed but on occasion we stumble across an item or two worth keeping....or at least studying a bit. Just prior to today's adventure Kahuna came across what appears to be a strange fossil or bone remnant of a mutant like creature....quite a big one at that too! While were not certain what creature the bone belongs to we're pretty sure it's too old to be Gumdrop. ...but maybe, just maybe it will turnout to be valuable enough to allow us to build our own clubhouse...complete with lockers, showers, jacuzzi, sauna, hot tub and....mermaids!

Speaking of Kahuna he wanted me to pass along a party invite to everyone. Tomorrow evening (Tuesday September 27th) there's a Shorewood Bicycle Friendly Community Award Celebration party at the Three Lions Pub. (4515 Oakland Ave, Shorewood). Party starts at 8pm.

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Kahuna said...

Yes, for all of you who are still reading the blog this late in the season, I hope you can join us at the party on Tuesday evening at the Three Lion's Pub. Anyone who bikes is welcome, and they serve stuff other than Killepitsch at the Three Lion's Pub.