Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Significant Milestones in Reach

Next Swims: Thursday 9/22 6AM & 6PM

Last Swim: Wednesday 9/21 6AM
Water Temps: 59.5
Air Temp: 60
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: too dark to tell
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Bubba, Ben, Bill, Capt'n

There have been several conversations lately about when our consecutive day count will reach 100 and when we'll hit the 1000 swimmer mark on the plank counter. (...ok, I'll admit, I may have been the instigator for all these conversations...) Both certainly are noteworthy accomplishments.

While our consecutive day counter ("Streak") currently reads 88, I do believe it is an error. Looking back at the blog our streak of consecutive days started on June 23. Coincidentally that is exactly 13 weeks ago. Doing the math the "Streak" counter should read 91. As a result, I will make the correction on our official stats list.

Currently the "Plank" Counter reads 938. Adding up the crew members identified since we started swimming on 5/22 will take a little more time so for now I'm going to assume it's correct.

With all this in mind it would appear that we will log consecutive swim day 100 on Friday 9/30. If we can average 7 swimmers per day (...double dipper days do count for those hearty enough to attend both the morning and evening swims!) up until that point we will also reach a plank count of 1000 on the exact same wouldn't that be cool!?!?! Certainly cause for perhaps a few rounds of Pitsch or perhaps another Pirates Pizza Night? :)

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Kahuna said...

Captain -- Make sure in today's blog entry you let everyone know that wonderful 75 degree water has returned, so that lots of folks are motivated to come down and help us break the records. I know the lengths to which pirates will go to break records, and I'm sure group members wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to experience what we experienced this morning. (Note, sorry for the typos, but I had to type this with a pen in my mouth, as I still have not yet regained full use of my fingers.)