Thursday, September 22, 2011

One to Remember...

The bright horizon reflected brilliantly on a glass like lake surface as we strolled down the bluff en route to our traditional hangout on Klode's southeast beach. Thoughts of a repeat performance of yesterday's mudslide skin swim combined with visions of gliding effortlessly across a mirrored lake surface with a brilliant red sun creeping over the horizon danced around in our heads. Indeed, this swim would certainly be one to remember....

For those who haven't seen the comment posted by Kahuna regarding this morning's it is:

"Captain -- Make sure in today's blog entry you let everyone know that wonderful 75 degree water has returned, so that lots of folks are motivated to come down and help us break the records. I know the lengths to which pirates will go to break records, and I'm sure group members wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to experience what we experienced this morning. (Note, sorry for the typos, but I had to type this with a pen in my mouth, as I still have not yet regained full use of my fingers.)"

Yes our fortunes would have it (...or lack there of...) this morning's water temp was an eye popper. At first I thought my lazer-o-meter was on the fritz....but it didn't take but a mere instant for my toes to confirm that the reading was correct. The official Bubba-o-meter reading this morning was....45.5!!! Ouch!!!

Still, the crew pressed on and walked the plank. After all, we couldn't let our consecutive day streak end now....could we? Diablo made it all the way to Garage in his sleeveless wetsuit while Kahuna nearly matched the same feat in his sleeveless. Bubba's shortie offered him little comfort but still he endured several minutes which most certainly felt like an eternity. Fortunately for yours truly...I recently became the proud owner of the world's warmest wetsuit, the DeSoto Water Rover. Outside of some numb fingers...I was as snug as a bug in a rug. ...don't get me wrong finger tips did kinda hurt which really sucked. :(

So far this year the frigid water temps haven't lasted fact not more than 24 hours. In looking at the water temp maps there still is plenty of warm water out there. The question is when will it return?

...for those interested in records...our record coldest swim was logged at 41 degrees on 12/5/09. At 45.5 this was our 3rd coldest swim on record.

Read all about it at: Swimmin' in December

Here's today's summary:

Next Swim: Friday 9/23 6AM

Last Swim: Thursday 9/22 6AM
Water Temps: 45.5
Air Temp: 54
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: Diablo, Kahuna, Bubba, Capt'n

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