Monday, September 5, 2011

Surf's up!!

Next Swims: Tuesday, 9/6 6AM & 6PM

Last Swim: Monday, Labor Day Noon Swim
Water Temp: low 60's near shore, low 70's outside of the sand bars
Air Temp: 62, Sunny & breezy
Waves: frequent 3-5ft (5-6 seconds apart)
Water Clarity: Stirred up
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, Mike the Newly Wed, Mike, Ben, Mystic (Michelle), Marni, Capt'n

A strong northeast breeze resulted in very playful 2-4 foot waves this afternoon. A strong current pushing from north to south made entering the water tricky but if you were savvy enough to navigate the crashing waves along the sandbars the swimming conditions outside of the sandbars were actually quite pleasant.

Many who walked the plank this afternoon did not journey far from our launch point at Klode's north beach. Only Mystic was daring enough to join the Captn's crew for a journey up to Rock Wall and back. (Truth be told...I had thought I was all alone on my journey northward until I caught a glimpse of mysterious swimmer slipping through the waves out a little deeper than was at that point that I realized that this swimmer must be known as the 'mystic one...or Mystic') The 1/2 mile journey northward took nearly 30 minutes in the rolling but playful surf. The 1/2 mile journey southward took only a fraction of that (10?).

Upon returning the remaining crew members hoisted a round of Pitsch to celebrate the Captn's Birthday. Many thanks to all who have wished me well on my special day.

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