Thursday, September 8, 2011

Swimming Treadmill

Next Swims: Thursday 9/8 6PM, Friday 9/9 6AM
Saturday: Big Shoulders! Sunday: Ironman Wisconsin!
Good luck to all participating in these events.

Last swims: Wed 6PM, Thu 6AM
Water Temp: Like yesterday 61 on shore, but unlike yesterday not much warmer further out
Waves: 2-3 rollers with a huge current pushing south
Water Clarity: Cloudy
Wed PM Crew: James, AJ, Nick
Thu AM Crew: Cap'n, Diablo, Speed, Kahuna, James, Bill, Patriarch

For a description of Wednesday night's swim see James's comments on the previous blog entry.

I headed almost straight out to get away from the shore gunk and to search for warmer water and then gradually angled north. But after swimming for quite a while I looked up to see that I was not making any progress northward, and not much outward either. The current pushing against us was huge. On the way back I had the opposite problem, being pushed south and in much quicker than I realized. Quite a ride! All the elements of a roller coaster, a lot of fun and a little scary too. The waves and current are predicted to keep building all day so if you come a 6PM be prepared to do battle. And be safe!

Megan if you're reading this, I just want you to know my money is on you to beat James at Big Shoulders. James my friend, you have my apologies but I fear you made a major mistake by with all the trash talk after beating Megan by 13 seconds at the Madison Open Water Swim. Now you have to deal with Typhoon Megan.

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