Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Never Learn

Next Swim: Thursday Sept 8th, 6AM
Some of us have big events coming this weekend (e.g. Ironman, Big Shoulders) so we are cutting back a bit. We're not scheduling a Wed 6PM swim. But if you really want to swim Wed evening put a comment out there and maybe others will come.

Last Swim: Wednesday 9/7 6AM
Water Temp: Once again, there was cold murky water at the beach, but much warmer clearer water (maybe high sixties or even 70) just a short way out (can someone explain that to me?).
Waves: 1-2 feet, with an occasional set of breaking 3 footers, just to keep you on your toes, or on your butt, as it were.
Water Clarity: Pretty good away from the shore gunk
Crew: Diablo, Speed, Cap'n, Ben, Chris, Patriarch

It was very cool and windy on the beach, so Cap'n and me donned wetsuits, not so much because we were concerned about cold water, but freezing in the air after getting out of the water. But the water was so warm that by the time we made it to sewer pipe, we were feeling guilty so we returned to shore to doff our wetsuits and head back into the fray. And, naturally we froze our butts off when we got out. We never learn.


James Biles said...

I plan to swim today. Since there is no planned 6 pm, I'll get in at about 5:30. Hopefully I can find the 70 degree water as i want to swim a tune up 5k for Big Shoulders. I have my ISHOF swimmer float and will try it out with my gps inside to see if that works to measure actual distance.

James Biles said...

Wenesday PM crew: Nick, AJ and myself. Water temp 65-70. 2-3 ft swells, very choppy, very cloudy, but only in the water. Not a cloud in the sky resulting in extreme sun glare. I had no idea where I was swimming when returning to shore. But the Lady of the Lake was kind, depositing me just south of the south rock pile.