Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Luck to All Ironman and Big Shoulder Participants

Next Swims: Due to the big events this weekend we aren't scheduling any swims at Klode, but if you're not participating in Big Shoulders or Ironman, and want to swim in the lake this weekend, make a comment on this blog post and I'm sure others will be interested.

Last Swim: Friday 9/9 6AM
Water Temp: mid to high sixties
Waves: 2 footers, really choppy, and big currents
Water Clarity: Cloudy
Crew: Diablo, Speed, Ben, Chris, Bill

I didn't swim today to rest up for Big Shoulders tomorrow, but I went down to the beach to watch the others. It was another day of fighting waves and currents. Sunrise over the lake was spectacular this morning, but it only lasted a minute before the sun ducked behind the clouds. Hopefully Chris captured it with his camera and will post it in a comment.

Next week we'll be scheduling an outing after an evening swim to tell stories about Ironman and Big Shoulders.


Chris said...

The sunrise was much better than the swimming.... Today's photo.

James Biles said...

I did a quick 30 min swim to mudslide and back Friday PM. The lake had calmed with half ft swells but low visibility (just make out my had during my pulls). The water temp was 70 at the rockpiles but colder (low 60's) nearer the mudslides. Good luck to all with this weekends events!

James Biles said...

Congrats to Megan at Big Shoulders. A 1:01:34 and not in top shape - wow! 1st woman and 4th overall! She kicked my butt at 1:05:04. My consolation prize is being the 1st finisher over 50 or older.

James Biles said...

I also plan to swim at Klode at noon on Sunday.

James Biles said...

Sunday noon swim: It was retro Klode - the 70's have returned! After swimming in 64-65 water down in Chicago for Big Shoulders yesterday, I was amazed that the warm waters have returned to Klode. Temp at the rock piles were right around 70. I swam to Big Bay and back (2.44 miles by my GPS. I swam through pockets ranging from the mid 60's to the mid 70s! Water vis was 5-8 ft with 1/2 swells and a moderate northly current. 36.5 minutes to the Big Bay pier and 29.9 minutes back. I plan on swimming at wsac in the morning but will return to Klode at 6 pm on Monday to hopefully enjoy more warm water!

Ben Speed said...

Very impressive, James and Megan. Great job. I'm eager to hear how the iron people did. There's no posting for Monday morning (I hope the Captain and Patriarch aren't in Davy Jones' locker). I plan to be there Monday morning. Meet at the Klode parking lot at 6:00 in the morning.