Sunday, September 25, 2011

A little less luck...

Next Swims: Monday 9/26 6AM & 6PM

Last Swim: Sunday 9/25 1PM

Water Temp: 62
Air Temp: 58 & cloudy early then heavy rain
Waves: 4ft (2-6 seconds apart)
Water Clarity: mostly clear
Crew: Diablo, Kahuna, Bubba, Phil, Capt'n

Our luck from Saturday unfortunately didn't carry over to Sunday. The cloudy skies at the onset of our swim gave way to heavy rain by the time we exited the water. With a steady diet of big waves crashing along the sandbars the entire crew climbed into their wetsuits with the exception of Bubba. Could Bubba perhaps be campaigning for a new nickname?

The waves may have been big but they were more playful than intimidating. A few of them were spaced close enough together to remind you that they shouldn't be ignored but most of them gave you plenty of time to recover after rolling over/under you. Our adventure today took us south down to sewer pipe and back. None of us wore our watches but the journey back north certainly took a fraction of the time it took us to forge our way to the sewer pipe.

To celebrate another successful lake adventure the entire crew hoisted a round of Pitsch...of course under the shelter of Klode Crew Club house that overlooks the beach so that our Pitsch would not become deluded by rain water. Many thanks to The Patriarch for sharing his last bottle of Pitsch with us before fleeing the state for the Poop-deck Grand Pappy convention.


Amanda Lynn said...

Where do you guys meet in the morning? I'd like to say I'll come meet tomorrow morning, but if it's still raining, I may lose my motivation. It looks like it's going to warm up toward the end of this week though. I've been wanting to come check out your group for a while now. Let me know, and may join occasionally.

Ben Speed said...

Amanda, come one come all. We meet in the Klode parking lot at 6:00 AM.