Saturday, September 24, 2011

A little bit of luck

Next Swims: Sunday 9/25 1PM

Last Swim: Saturday 9/24 1PM

Water Temp: 59 (...a few degrees warmer away from the beach...)
Air Temp: 56 & mostly cloudy
Waves: 1ft swells
Water Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: Diablo, Capt'n

As Diablo and I arrived at Klode this afternoon the dark clouds parted and the sun illuminated brilliant turquoise hued water that has rolled in. It was almost as if our 1pm swim was destined to be a pleasant one. All morning I had contemplated moving the swim start time up as the dark skies looked threatening. But lady luck was on our side and as fate would have it had we swam any earlier this morning we would have been doing so under cloudy skies instead of having the warm sun on our backs.

Conditions were still warm enough for us to log a skin swim. We're now at 86 for the year. The lake surface was by no mean choppy but frequent 1ft swells made the swim interesting as we passed over the sandbars. Oddly today, swimming southward against the swells of water felt easier than with them. No complaints though...every day in the lake swimming skin with the sun our backs this time of year is certainly a bonus. And to that point Diablo and I hoisted a round of Pitsch...and there's plenty more of it for everyone else who swims Sunday, compliments of The Patriarch!

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Ben Speed said...

I'm "in" for the Sunday swim. See you chaps at Klode at 1:00.