Monday, September 19, 2011

Crystal Clear, Calm, 64 and....

Next Swims: Tue 9/20 6AM & 6PM

Last Swim: Monday 6AM
Water Temps: Low Sixties
Air Temp: 60 & cloudy
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: too dark to tell
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Bubba, Bill, Capt'n Killepitsch??? The mutinous sentiment of the crew was hard to ignore this evening as the crew's thirst to toast yesterday's 100th swim with a round or two of Pitsch went unquenched. It's no secret that The Patriarch be hoardin' his stash of Pitsch these days. Sure he be claimin' to be forgetful er somethin' like that....but dem words offer little comfort to a restless crew looking quell it's insatiable thirst for Pitsch.

What say ye....perhaps we should proclaim a new nickname fer The Patriarch...less he shape up a bit and share his stash of Pitsch he be promisin' the crew. If ye have any thoughts on a new name fer the forgetful one....please be postin' a comment with it.

Sadly the mutiny of the crew this evening forced the evening swim to be forgone all together. Without the Pitsch which had been promised...or the presence of The Patriarch for that matter who proclaimed this morning that he would be present for a skin-or-bust swim...all souls were lost before they ventured out to walk the plank.

This morning's swim was a different story. The crew was energized and walked the plank skin despite pitch black skies and a water temp that offered no additional comfort from the air temps. The waters were calm but clarity was difficult to tell without the sun to illuminate it. A thick layer of clouds would prevent the sun from shedding it's light on the crew this morning. Despite all this the crew still logged a mudslide and back voyage...which considering it was late September and a dark early morning voyage the accomplishment was quite amazing.

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