Friday, September 30, 2011

100 Consecutive Days!

Next Swims: Saturday 10/1 1PM & Sunday 10/2 1PM

Last Swims: Thursday 9/29 6PM & Friday 9/30 6AM

9/29 PM Conditions:
Water Temp: 58
Air Temp: 54 & Sunny / Breezy
Waves: rippled flat surface
Water Clarity: clear
Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n

9/30 AM Conditions:
Water Temp: upper 50's
Air Temp: 52 & partly cloudy
Waves: monsterous frequent 4-6ft (2-3 seconds apart)
Water Clarity: stirred up
Crew: Diablo, Kahuna, Flipper, Capt'n with special guest witness The Patriarch

The Lady of the Lake really made us earn our 100th consecutive day of swimming. The big 30-50mph winds from Thursday evening kicked up some serious waves Friday morning. Frequent powerful waves measuring 4-6ft tall crested along the Klode sandbars just 50 meters from shore. Some would even sport some serious Hawaii-5-O action even further out.

As was the case Monday we decided to play it safe by swimming from Klode's north beach in about 3-4ft of water. Our initial attempts to swim 20 meters from shore were unsuccessful as the current moving north to south was just too swift to swim against. Attempting to swim just 10 feet from shore proved to be much more productive. Fortunately for us the sandbars just offshore really took the brunt of the force of the waves which allowed us to successfully swim over and under waves en route to the Garage and back.

Amazingly both Diablo and Flipper completed this morning's swim skin. Flipper even attempted to swim southward out by the sandbars. That exercise actually resulted in a one way ticket down to south south beach in a blink of an eye and a long cold walk back up to Klode's north beach on the muddy foot trails along the bluff. Another noteworthy item about this morning's swim was the absence of Bubba...."where are you man, you really missed a good one!"

To celebrate our 100th consecutive day of swimming the Crew enjoyed a tantalizing tasty breakfast at Solly's. I highly recommend their Cherry Pancakes! Continuing our celebration, The Patriarch and I returned to Klode this evening to marvel at the continued onslaught of huge waves and to raise a round of Pitsch in honor of the Lady of the Lake and are great adventures the past 100 days.

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Ben Speed said...

Damn it! I always miss the fun. I'll be there this weekend. BTW, you've scheduled swims at playoff time. I'm just saying...