Monday, September 26, 2011

Completely Nuts

Next Swims: Monday 9/26 6PM & Tuesday 6AM

Last Swim: Monday 9/26 6AM

Water Temp: 60ish
Air Temp: 60 heavy rain and wind
Waves: 1-2ft (2 seconds apart)
Water Clarity: too dark to tell
Crew: Diablo, Bubba, Capt'n

This was probably one of those swims that's best to start off by saying "do not try this at home...and certainly not by yourself". Heavy rain, strong easterly winds at 20-30mph and dark clouds greeted us at Klode this morning. A steady diet of 1-2ft white caps rolled ashore every 2 seconds. With the thick clouds and the sunrise still several minutes away it was nearly impossible for us completely assess the water conditions this morning. Conventional wisdom dictated that it would probably be best to skip this morning's swim. But the crew was determined to make it happen.

To play it safe we swam close to shore from north beach approximately 20ft from shore and in about 3-4ft of water. The sandbars 50-75 meters from shore protected us nicely from full force of the waves and combining that with the straight easterly direction of the waves all but completely eliminated any current from running parallel to shore.

I'll admit, I definitely had my reservations prior to walking the plank this morning but as it would turnout Mother Nature's conditions this morning were by far less hospitable than the lady of the lake. We'll be back at 6pm this evening to try and pad our plank counter some more in our efforts to reach 1000 by this weekend. Anyone else in?

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