Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Full Moon AM Swims

Next Swims: Wed 6PM & Thurs. 6AM

Last Swims: Tuesday 9/13 6PM and Wed 6AM

Tuesday PM Conditions:
Water Temps: Estimated low to mid sixties
Waves: 2ft
Water Clarity: stirred up
Crew: Diablo, Ellie, Beth

Wednesday AM Conditions:
Water Temp: 64 (per Bubba-o-Meter)
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: cloudy blue
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Bubba, Ben, Beth, Capt'n

  • Seeing more of the moon during swims than the interesting change of pace.
  • Experiencing cooler air temps while walking the plank skin...a game of dare and double dog dare.
  • Feeling the warm lake water welcome you once you get going...a momentary consolation prize because you need to keep swimming to remain warm.
  • Seeing the sun rise while your swimming across the glass like lake surface....absolutely spectacular!
Indeed it has been more challenging to resist the temptation to climb into your wetsuit when the air temps are hovering around 50. Despite the cooler air temps the water remains warm enough to support a comfortable skin swim. Most of the AM crew this week has made it up Cedar Grove while other have continued their journey up to mudslide before returning. The water temps haven't been motivating the crew to turn back as much as time constraints and thoughts of how unpleasant the cold sand and air will feel once you depart the Lady of the Lake's warm embrace.

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