Sunday, September 4, 2011

Swimming downhill

Next Swim:Monday, Labor Day Noon Swim

Last Swim: Sunday 9/4 Noon
Water Temp: Top inch mid 60's, below that maybe 60
Air Temp: 67 & Mostly Cloudy
Waves: Calm with slight current from north
Water Clarity: Exceptional
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Sir James, Crash, Lil' Sista, Slip-n-Slide, Nick, AJ, Mathew, Capt'n

Many thanks to The Patriarch and Mrs. Patriarch for hosting an exceptional cookout at their place following this afternoon's swim!! The food was superb and the rounds of Pitsch were perfect for warming the souls of those who danced a little too long with the Lady of the Lake.

Just like there are day's where you feel like you're swimming uphill against the current in both directions there are days where you feel as if you're swimming downhill with the current in both directions. Today was one of those rare days where it felt effortless to swim in both directions.

Now of course this is just my perception on today's swim. Other crew members may not recall it the same way...choosing instead to recall the cool breeze from the north or the sun that would occasionally peak out from behind the clouds to remind us what a difference in comfort it makes when the sun is shining. Or perhaps they may recall the pungent smell along Klode's southeast beach or the noticeably colder water temps inside the southeast rock piles. (...which by the way I think The Patriarch is passing a petition around to have those things nuked...)

Regardless of how the crew felt about today's water conditions I still found them pleasant enough to swim skin up to Mudslide and back...the crystal clear water and occasional warm pockets (...coincidentally mostly nearby The Patriarch....) were more than enough for me to complete today's journey. The others...besides Sir James that is....I think may have been tapering. :)

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